Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Setting up AVR studio for ATTiny85 (or ATTiny45 / ATTiny25) using the Atmel STK500 programmer

Software used: AVR studio

(Click here to get AVR Studio)

After starting up AVR studio, press the connect button. connect.jpg

Select the “STK500” option and “Auto” port selection. Then press connect


Then In the “Main” tab, select the ATTiny85 as Device.
Set Programming mode to “ISP mode” and press “Read signature”

If everything is set up OK, then you should see the following output:

Entering programming mode.. OK!
Reading signature .. 0×1E, 0×93, 0×0B .. OK!
Leaving programming mode.. OK!


Now you’re ready to start programming the ATTiny using the STK500